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Written by Carolyn   
Friday, 12 September 2008 21:37

Dover Little Activity Books - precut stencils

$1.50 each

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Fun with ABC Stencils 0486259048 Fun with Jurassic Dinosaurs Stencils 0486282058
Fun with African Animals Stencils 0486407586 Fun with Knights Stencils 0486410048
Fun with African Design Stencils 0486410013 Fun with Leaves Stencils 048626808X
Fun with Airplanes Stencils 0486268063 Fun with Medieval Stencils 0486293254
Fun with Angels Stencils 0486293238 Fun with Monkeys and Apes Stencils 0486405230
Fun with Backyard Animals Stencils 0486444902 Fun with Monsters Stencils 0486285472
Fun with Ballet Stencils 0486295001 Fun with Mother Goose Stencils 0486423514
Fun with Baseball Stencils 0486285456 Fun with Musical Instruments Stencils 0486270238
Fun with Birds Stencils 0486266060 Fun with Mythical Creatures Stencils 0486282066
Fun with Boats Stencils 0486266079 Fun with Native American Masks Stencils 0486423522
Fun with Bugs Stencils 0486407594 Fun with Noah's Ark Stencils 0486448819
Fun with Butterflies Stencils 048629501X Fun with Northwest Indian Stencils 048628073X
Fun with Cars and Trucks Stencils 0486257584 Fun with Numbers Stencils 0486259056
Fun with Cats Stencils 0486270173 Fun with Nutcracker Stencils 0486405249
Fun with Celtic Stencils 0486288900 Fun with Old MacDonald's Farm Stencils 0486434206
Fun with Chinese Animals Stencils 0486431088 Fun with Pirates Stencils 0486280748
Fun with Chinese Symbols Stencils 0486416380 Fun with Plains Indian Stencils 0486288927
Fun with Christmas Ornaments Stencils 0486448932 Fun with Ponies Stencils 0486444384
Fun with Christmas Stencils 0486254496 Fun with Rain Forest Animals Stencils 0486407608
Fun with Circus Stencils 0486260844 Fun with Reptiles Stencils 0486280756
Fun with Construction Trucks Stencils 0486409996 Fun with Santa Claus Stencils 048640241X
Fun with Cretaceous Dinosaurs Stencils 0486420949 Fun with Sea Creatures Stencils 0486407616
Fun with Desert Animals Stencils 0486293246 Fun with Sea Life Stencils 0486257614
Fun with Dinosaur Stencils 048625450X Fun with Shapes Stencils 0486254526
Fun with Dogs Stencils 0486276953 Fun with Sharks Stencils 0486298345
Fun with Dragons Stencils 0486291332 Fun with Snowflakes Stencils 0486266095
Fun with Early American Stencils 0486274578 Fun with Soccer Stencils 0486295044
Fun with Easter Stencils 0486266087 Fun with Soldiers Stencils 0486412830
Fun with Easy Shapes Stencils 0486270211 Fun with Southwest Indian Stencils 0486276961
Fun with Egyptian Stencils 048628204X Fun with Spacecraft Stencils 0486280764
Fun with Egyptian Symbols Stencils 0486431096 Fun with Stars Stencils 0486274608
Fun with Emergency Vehicles Stencils 0486426343 Fun with Sun, Star and Moon Stencils 0486268098
Fun with Fairies and Elves Stencils 0486401170 Fun with Swampland Animals Stencils 0486403289
Fun with Farm Animals Stencils 0486257592 Fun with Thanksgiving Stencils 0486263983
Fun with Favorite Pets Stencils 0486254518 Fun with Track and Field Stencils 0486293262
Fun with Favorite Pets Stencils 0486254518 Fun with Trains Stencils 0486262537
Fun with Fire Trucks Stencils 0486466868 Fun with Trees Stencils 048627215X
Fun with Flowers Stencils 0486259064 Fun with Tropical Fish Stencils 0486405214
Fun with Good Luck Symbols Stencils 0486436926 Fun with Trucks Stencils 0486272168
Fun with Halloween Stencils 0486263975 Fun with Valentine Stencils 0486263991
Fun with Hearts Stencils 0486272141 Fun with Vikings Stencils 0486412857
Fun with Horseback Riding Stencils 0486434192 Fun with Wedding Stencils 0486436837
Fun with Horses Stencils 0486298361 Fun with Whales Stencils 0486466876
Fun with Houses Stencils 048627022X Fun with Wild West Stencils 0486282074
Fun with Ice Skaters Stencils 0486401189 Fun with Wildflowers Stencils 0486276988
Fun with Insects Stencils 0486274586 Fun with Wizards Stencils 0486426335
Fun with Japanese Animals Stencils 0486416356 Fun with Zoo Animals Stencils 0486260852

Construction Trucks-Egyptian
Egyptian Symbols-Hearts
Horseback Riding-Medieval
Monkeys and Apes-Nutcracker
Old MacDonald's Farm-Shapes

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Stamps and Stencils for kits PDF Print E-mail
Written by Carolyn   
Tuesday, 05 August 2008 21:09

You choose 2 of the following chunky stamps for your t-shirt painting party kit:


bird house

bear wizard

birthday boy


peace sign and smiley flower

leaves on a vine


purple flower

fern leaf




Here is the alphabet stamp set included with a  t-shirt painting party kit:


T-shirt Painting Party Kit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Carolyn   
Monday, 04 August 2008 05:40

Here’s a kit that has almost everything you need to throw your own t-shirt painting party!  It’s your party entertainment and your give-away gifts all in one package!  Use the iron-on transfer pen to trace or draw designs to put on the shirts.  Only the ink transfers.  The kit includes instructions and ideas for other ways to create designs.  Have fun painting!

Small Party Kit (for 6) contents:

description qty
Instructions and ideas 1
Washed Shirts - specify sizes 6
Your pick of 1oz fabric paints 12
Child's smock 6 pack 1
Alphabet stamp set 1
Your pick of chunky stamps 2
Pack of 4 fabric brushes 2
54x108 white plastic table cover 1
12x12 Cardboards 6
black Iron-on transfer pen 1
Dover stencil book 3

Small Kit Price:  $55 plus $12.95 flat rate priority mail box shipping.

Medium Painting Party Kit (for 12)


description qty
Instructions and ideas 1
Shirts - you pick sizes 12
Your pick of 1oz fabric paints 15
Child's smock 6 pack 2
Alphabet stamp set 1
Your pick of chunky stamps 2
Pack of 4 fabric brushes 3
54x108 white table cover 1
12x12 Cardboards 12
black Iron-on transfer pen 2
Dover stencil book 6


Medium Kit Price:  $90 plus $20 shipping.

Large Painting Party Kit (for 18)


description qty
Instructions and ideas 1
Shirts - you pick sizes 18
Your pick of 1oz fabric paints 15
Child's smock 6 pack 3
Alphabet stamp set 1
Your pick of chunky stamps 2
Pack of 4 fabric brushes 5
54x108 white table cover 1
12x12 Cardboards 18
black Iron-on transfer pen 2
Dover stencil book 9


Large Kit Price:  $120 plus $25 shipping.


Individual items are for sale at great prices if you want to add on to a kit.


Other items suggested for your party:

Paper towels and old rags

Plastic plates for paint palates

Plastic cups with water for cleaning brushes

Tarp for a ground cover

Your own stencils or stamps (or hand prints)

Make your own stencils with waxed paper or contact paper

Toothbrush to clean stamps

Fabric pens or permanent markers to sign shirts

Bucket to clean stamps and stencils in

Camera to capture the artists in action

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